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I apologize for being so bad at blogging. Sometimes I check up and almost write something, but then something comes up and I end up not writing anything. I’m going to review the last week, which was one of the best weeks of my life.

Monday was me and Danica’s friend Amy’s 21st birthday! It was a very, very fun time! There were probably 15 or 20 of us hanging out at our neighbors apartment, where the party was hosted. Our neighbors are Kayla and Brianna. Kayla was Danica’s freshman roommate and Brianna was Danica’s sophomore roommate. They have been the best friends to us in our time in Winona! We went over to their apartment around 4:30 and had a few drinks (banana rum is sooooo delicious). We played beer pong and some other pretty fun drinking games. We threw the baseball/softball around with everybody and eventually went out to the bars for a couple more. I had a ton of fun, and it’s always so nice to hang out with that group of people!!!

On Tuesday, Danica, Brianna and I went to Target Field!! The Twins actually won this game 4-2 I believe. We had really good seats. We sat about half way between the fence and left field and about 20 rows back. I really enjoy going to night games. It just seems more like baseball to me than day games.

Wednesday- Danica’s 21st!!!!!
I can say that Wednesday was the most fun I’ve had since my birthday. Danica and I went to the Twins game at 12:10. Honestly, the game was pretty dull. It was windy and chilly, and we lost 3-0. Here is a picture of Danica’s first legal drink!!

Here is Danica at Brothers, which is the “Birthday Bar” posing next to her birthday 🙂

Here’s another one of Danica at Brothers. They write everybody’s birthday on the board and give you a “birthday mug” which you can get two refills of.

After the game, we drove back to Winona and started the birthday festivities!! Fun story: right as we were leaving to go to the bars somebody says to us through the window “Hey what are your plans tonight?” Long story short, we end up meeting our neighbors in the apartment for the first time all year. It’s crazy, because they turned out to be the nicest guys ever (except their crazy, stupid friend who actually initiated it). We’re Facebook friends now, and hopefully we’ll keep in touch next year 🙂

Stayed home from work. Cleaned apartment.

I went to work for the first time since Monday, and worked a solid 5 hours. After work, KEITH FLEMMER came to visit us for Danica’s birthday! He got to Winona around 8:30. We were planning on going to the Hangover Part 2 that night, but it was sold out. We decided to go to a bar and grill instead for some food!

On Saturday, Danica, Brianna, Keith and I hiked up the bluffs. It only took about 15-20 minutes to hike all the way up but it was sooooooooo tiring! My legs were like jello when we were done! After that we played some video games then went out to the bars for a fun time!

Flemmer left around 1:30 and Danica and I did some cleaning up around the apartment.

I worked on Monday for 8 hours, then came back to the apartment and did some homework for my online class that started on Tuesday actually. Then, Danica, Brianna, Kasey and I went out to the Hangover 2 and then went out to eat at Green Mill. The Hangover was decent. It had it’s funny moments, but we all decided that it was essentially a replica of the first movie. It was kind of bland, but you will definitely have a few good laughs.

And now its Tuesday. I worked 5 hours, did 4 hours of laundry, did an hour or so of homework, did a huge load of dishes (with Danica) and now I’m writing this blog and watching the Twins. They’re losing again. After the game, Danica and I are going to go for a walk to the Levee, maybe I’ll put up a picture of it sometime 🙂

That’s all for now!



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This is a choppy, noncontinuous (is that a word? I assume because it isn’t underlined in red…) blog entry.

I love people who are happy. We get one life on earth, so why would we want to be anything besides happy? I always try to be upbeat, energetic and smiley. I have random days where I feel sad of course, but overall I consider myself a very happy person. I love my life. I love how free I am to do whatever I want. Right now, if I wanted to ride my bike for an hour, or drive to Rochester for Chipotle, I can.

If you live in America, you really have nothing at all to complain about. People take for granted how lucky they are to live indoors, or how lucky they are to have pants. It’s completely true that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

I’m at the point where I don’t even think twice when I read a pessimistic, sad, “give-me-sympathy” status update or tweet. Don’t do that unless you really could use some advice.

Renae is one person who just always has happy Facebook posts and tweets. I love reading what she writes, because she’s just always being so nice and optimistic!

I really believe that God wants us to be happy.


I did laundry this morning, and while folding I watched 16 and pregnant. It was the first time I actually made a conscious decision to watch this show. It was kind of entertaining, but still very stupid at the same time. These “parents” just do not understand what is going on. This mom was failing high school because her baby-daddy would work 10 hours a day, and really not help take care of the kid. I guess where they lived there was a daycare that was completely free as long as one parent is in high school. They give unlimited care, supply diapers and wipes, and let you pick out the formula you want to feed your kid. The place was very clean and organized. If I was in their situation I’d be all like Halleleujah!!!! But nope. The dad said he’d rather quit his job then let their kid go to daycare.

I’m going to stop blogging about 16 and pregnant now.

Dad would be so proud!

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Omelette with fresh cut veggies! Onions, red peppers, green peppers, tomatoes and cheese!

My last few “blog” entries have just been various pictures/videos etc. I kind of like doing that, just so I keep updating. It’s kind of hard for me just to type frequently. A few things.

1) I am officially done with my junior year of college! It’s crazy to think that I’m 3/4 done with college and 15/16 done with school in general (assuming no grad school). I’ve thought about grad school, but my friends are getting really good jobs without it. Grad school just doesn’t seem like as good a fit as getting a job to me at this point. Maybe something will change in the next year, who knows. I’m working in the testing lab again this summer, full time. One of my good friends, Matt, got an internship at IBM in Rochester for the summer starting in June. Since he will be gone from June-school year, my boss/professor hired a new guy. His name is John and he seems really nice. Hopefully working this summer will be as fun as working last semester.

2) I got a new phone!!!! My old phone was in really rough shape. I couldn’t click the top half of the screen, which was insanely annoying. I was still able to navigate using the trackball, but it was frustrating. My phone is the Droid ThunderBolt. Its basically the best droid phone you can get for Verizon. I sometimes feel that I’m wasting my money by getting such an expensive phone, but being a computer science major really influenced my decision. Every employer I’ve talked to says that mobile computing (i.e. cell phones and tablets) are truly the future. Eventually there will be no desktop computers or laptops, just tablets and phones. It is going to take a long long long time before laptops and desktops are extinct, but they are going to continue to be less and less prominent (in my opinion) until they’re eventually just wiped away.

3) Michael Scott is done. He just moved to Colorado to stay with Holly’s parents. They’re getting married, like I predicted. I’m talking about “The Office” of course. One of my favorite shows of all time. Steve Carell probably my favorite actor, so it is insanely sad to see him leave. Rumors are Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell are going to “replace” Michael/Steve. If you’re wondering, I had to Google how to spell each of their names. Carell, Carrey, and Ferrell are all very similar, and they all have different spellings. One has a double letter at the end, the other has a double letter in the middle, and one has double letters in the end and middle.

4) How I Met Your Mother is a good show.

5) Trailer Park Boys is a great show. It first aired in Canada abooooot (see what I did there?) 10 years ago. It has 7 seasons, which I’m assuming is 7 years, but they’re all done shooting now as far as I know.

I feel like I’m rambling, so I’ll cut it off here. Bye.